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150 Golf Courses You Need to Visit Before You Die is the newest treasure in the renowned 150 series continuing the tradition of discovering the world’s most captivating locations. The 150 Golf Courses book showcases a chosen selection of the planet’s most awe-inspiring golf courses within its pages.

150 golf courses book


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Year of Publication2022
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages256

150 golf courses book description & summary

The 150 golf courses aren’t just distributed throughout but rather are carefully selected for their varied settings—snuggled along peaceful coastlines, located above spectacular mountains, concealed amongst enormous deserts, and embellishing the margins of attractive lakes.

What makes this collection so exceptional is its accessibility. meaning that these lectures aren’t restricted to seasoned specialists or members only as they gather people from all aspects of life. Whether you’re a beginning golfer or a seasoned player, these courses guarantee an amazing experience that combines the excitement of golfing with the pure majesty of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

As marvelously remarked by GolfPass, the marriage of outstanding golf courses with nature’s magnificence results in a unique and epic experience in the field of the sport. However, it’s not just a limitation to the game but a combination of talent, excitement, and the sheer pleasure of witnessing some of the most breathtaking vistas our earth has to offer.

About the author

Stefanie Waldek, who is the original writer of the 150 Golf Courses book, happens to be an editor as well, based in New York. She boasts a rich combination of Chinese and American ancestry, infusing her work with different viewpoints and cultural richness. Stefanie Waldek delivers her fascinating storytelling to numerous prominent magazines, such as Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, The Washington Post, and Travel + Leisure.

In addition, her writing does not only represent her professional competence but also encompasses a blend of cultural influences, bringing a distinct and nuanced voice to her stories. Through her pieces, Stefanie effectively navigates many facets of design, travel, and lifestyle, weaving together captivating experiences that resonate with readers across numerous platforms.

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