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Self Heal By Design: The Role of Micro-Organisms For Health

Self Heal which is an age-old concept has gained increased attention in recent times as individuals seek holistic and natural approaches to maintain their well-being. Self Heal By Design Barbara O’neill book is a book by Barbara O’Neill that delves into utilizing natural methods to facilitate self-repair. This discussion aims to explore the book’s content, its core concepts, and its potential to assist individuals in enhancing their health and overall wellness.

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Self Heal By Design


Self Heal By Design Bibliographic information

Titleself heal by design: the role of micro-organisms for health
AuthorBarbara O’Neill
ISBN1945174862, 9781945174865
Year of Publication2015
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages159

Self Heal By Design Description & Summary

Self Heal By Design is an easily understood manual that exposes the important function of micro-organisms in human health and recovery. Moreover, It adeptly addresses the prerequisites for healthy liver function, maintaining cellular acid-alkaline balance, removing candida, and producing a diet favorable to extended and vibrant well-being. This instructional material is offered in a number of ways, among which is in a logical, common-sense fashion, supplemented with charts, recipes, and graphs that increase the learning journey.

Thanks to O’Neill, this book is no longer a basic reference for readers but a valuable tool in their path to an informed and better life.

This easy-to-read book is a treasure trove of knowledge, urging readers to adopt a lifestyle matched with the body’s innate healing power when provided with the ideal conditions. Through its pages, one learns the body’s fundamental ability for self-healing. In addition, it supports readers in building a personalized routine in order to enable the body to fulfill its intrinsic inclination to heal itself.

Who is Barbara O’Neill?

Barbara O’Neill is a seasoned practitioner with over 30 years of practice in natural medicine as a naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist, has established herself as a recognized speaker overseas whose experience has been shared through various presentations worldwide focusing on the realms of natural health and healing.

What happened to Barbara Oneill is that she started researching alternative treatments, burrowing into books, and conducting successful trials on her children after confronting a serious issue with her first baby that conventional treatments couldn’t repair, which resulted in the beginning of her road into natural health.

O’Neill firmly believes in the body’s intrinsic potential to self-heal, given the ideal conditions driven by a true love for the Creator and the creation. She perceives herself not as a healer but as a teacher, teaching others to realize the circumstances essential for the body’s miraculous self-healing process through her videos on YouTube and books like Self-Healing by Design: The Role of Microorganisms for Health.

Barbara O’Neill, the writer of self heal by design & 80 Herbal Tea Recipes, contributed to the founding of the “Misty Mountain Health Retreat” in Australia. Moreover, this retreat provides a hideaway where people may immerse themselves in learning about and experiencing natural healing through extensive lectures and workshops.

Barbara O’Neill books

Noted for her intriguing storytelling in women’s fiction and romance genres, Barbara O’Neil has authored a series of entertaining novels that dig into relationships, personal growth, and the beauty of life’s complexity.

Below is a list of books written by the greatest author and teacher of all time, Barbara O’Neil:

  1. STILL ON THE ROAD: The Life of A Navy Dependant To A Navy Wife To A Construction Worker. Barbara O’Neil | 2004

  2. Luck of the Toss Barbara O’Neil | 2001

  3. Art as Ritual Engagement in the Funerary Programme of Watetkhethor at Saqqara, C. 2345 BC Barbara O’Neil | 2023

  4. Setting the Scene: The Deceased and Regenerative Cult Within Offering Table Imagery of the Egyptian Old to Middle Kingdoms Barbara O’Neil | 2015

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